Variety & Quality Specific clips for different applications High quality sockets, plugs and jacks Subsite Induction Clamp Extension Lead
Direct Connection Leads, Ground Leads and Interconnect Leads  are made custom to your request. Tell us your requirements be it length, material, clip size or mixing different manufacturers and we will build your cables for you. Use your equipment for your specific needs. No job is to big or small for us to handle and still pay attention to quality. All connections soldered, or tinned wire crimped, shrink wrapped for durability. Click on pictures for more information.
RD400LCTx leads with an RD400LCTx lctx,subsite,loc-5tx,hctx-2,rdc,spx,connection lead,utilty locator,vivax-metrotech RD4000 Transmitter and Leads lctx,subsite,loc-5tx,hctx-2,rdc,spx,connection lead,utilty locator,vivax-metrotech lctx,subsite,loc-5tx,hctx-2,rdc,spx,connection lead,utilty locator,vivax-metrotech Conversion lead to convert the RD4000 Tx to use any RD400 leads or clamps. lctx,subsite,loc-5tx,hctx-2,rdc,spx,connection lead,utilty locator,vivax-metrotech,Custom 90 degree lead for vLoc 5 watt transmitter

High quality clips, cables and connectors on all our custom cables

Leads to fit most manufacturers equipment - Direct replacements and our own brand

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"Dragon" cable control Reels for cable control Vehicle Power Leads made of quality materials built to last Heavy duty connection leads Ground and connection extension reels

Vehicle Power Leads, Extension Leads, Grounding Leads, Holders and Reels

Click on pictures for more information.
Click on pictures for more information.
Click on pictures for more information.

Custom Cables and Leads

Perry Electronics Labs, LLC

Repair service and calibration of buried utility Locators, video inspection cameras and leak detection products Copyright 2017 Perry Electronics Lab. All rights reserved.  An rjtechsales website design.

Custom lengths

Quality materials

Utility locator cables

Reel to viewer cables

Heavy duty construction

Legacy products cable assemblies

We service and build cables for many brands: Fisher Labs-GenEye-GenEar-Vivax-Metrotech-General Pipe Cleaners-RaTech Electronics. Give us a call or send an email because chances are we can fix yours.

Perry Electronics Labs, LLC

Buried utility locator service and calibration Video inspection camera service Leak detection products service